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A Journey of Purposeful Connections

Sept 24 - 28, 2024

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands 

KI Social Society is connecting passionate partners with the causes that inspire our global community.


Amber and Cat
Amber and Flynn
Sir Richard Branson
Calvin Johnson
Veronika Verkova
Ellie Kanner
Zander Grashow
Nicole go good
Todd Krim
Hunt kids
E Sande
Topeka Sam
amber jean richard and zander
Flynn Kelleher
Mission Be
Silvia Earl
Connie Nielson
Eva LaRue
Eric Saperstien
These unique gatherings are curated by Amber Kelleher-Andrews and hosted at the personal resorts of friends, homes of exclusive clientele, and aboard private yachts or on exotic island and beach locations around the world. 

KI Social Society sparks innovation, expands minds and inspires a higher purpose for the planet and our collective humanity though shared purpose and discussions.

We offer our members meaningful content and social networking while building a community of passionate people—coming together to connect their ideas, networks, businesses, and philanthropic dollars to innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.
By joining, you’re already a part of something special.  From leadership gatherings and retreats with a purpose, the vast array of connections offers members many entry points into relationships and provides exciting ways to stay connected to this valuable and unparalleled community.


The KI Social Society is offered to clientele worldwide as well as to eligible singles and couples outside of Amber Kelleher-Andrews' elite matchmaking services Kelleher International.

Inquire and apply for membership today. 

Passionate about what we do...


The KI Social Society brings together global leaders who are dedicated to inspiring others with new ways to successfully use their influence as a driving force for good.


Our Mission

Working with Sir Richard Branson and witnessing the ripple effects of positive impact for over many years, I have been inspired to bring people together for the greater good. With this in mind, we were excited to launch KI Social Society. Holding membership in KI Social gives members a unique opportunity to be paired up with change-makers for passion projects, philanthropy, and powerful business ventures. 
Whether you are newly single, married or currently in a relationship through Kelleher, KI Social Society brings together like-minded individuals who enjoy living life to the fullest!
KI Social Society members are given the opportunity to meet other global leaders to inspire growth, spark innovation, expand minds and pursue a higher purpose in love for the planet and for our collective humanity.

This is truly my dream project

   - Amber Kelleher-Andrews

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