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Connecting People, Passion, and Purpose


Human connection is at the core of Kelleher International and our co-CEO Amber Kelleher-Andrews has always had a deep desire to inspire global impact and change. With this in mind, the launch of our KI Social club builds on the momentum of merging powerful philanthropic gatherings with successful and driven individuals looking for deeper relationships.

KI Social is a privately held club within our extraordinary community. The social division provides unparalleled intimate social experiences for eligible singles worldwide by matching passion projects and philanthropy with powerful business leaders. KI Social Club is Kelleher's answer to bringing in some otherwise very eligible single men and women still on the periphery of dating, but who also desire a more organic way to be part of our extraordinary community. 

Our 2022 social launch offers our members new and adventurous ways to connect with like-minded individuals who live life to the fullest. We have a continued desire to grow, spark innovation, expand minds, and pursue a higher purpose in love for the planet and for our collective humanity.  

From philanthropic galas, international excursions, special invitations to iconic social events, and Kelleher member-hosted supper parties, the KI Social Club connects our members with one another in adventures of a lifetime.


How to Join the KI Social Club  

As with Kelleher International matchmaking services, membership is by invitation and from referrals. The KI Social Club will be offered to all of the current clientele as well as to eligible singles outside the company’s elite matchmaking services.


Applications may be found at our Kelleher International website

The KI Social Club is aimed at those looking to up their game, to challenge themselves personally, and professionally to leave a positive legacy.



We are honored to be co-hosting Sir Richard Branson's "think tank" in 2024—a very intimate retreat held at the Branson home on Necker Island. Your stay promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience - meeting an incredible group of business leaders and engaging with some of the world's most brilliant speakers.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Virgin and Kelleher event without having a lot of fun along the way in one of our favorite places on Earth!

This invitation is limited to a small group of business and thought leaders. 


Amber Kelleher-Andrews, Co-Founder and CEO, Kelleher International

Sir Richard Branson, Founder Virgin Group

What People are Saying

Robyn Shreiber

I was invited by Amber to the Success to Significance leadership gathering on Necker Island in 2015, not knowing what to expect, and was inspired to start my own foundation R I D E, which gives support to my passion - African Wildlife.

Petra Nemcová
Happy Hearts Foundation

Amber's passion for bringing donors together with issues that speak to them connected me with a wonderful network of philanthropists and support for my Happy Hearts Foundation.  Her love for matchmaking shows in everything she does.

Sr. Richard Branson
Virgin Unite

I'm delighted that Necker Island will be hosting this Leadership Gathering in Partnership with our friend, Amber Kelleher-Andrews"


I look forward to welcoming you to my home on Necker Island!

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